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Hello! Below you will find custom made products. If you would like to Order or have any questions please read the notes below, complete the contact form and I will respond within 24hrs accordingly.


Custom Paintings

Commission based. I Do not have any of these currently available. Each painting is unique and can be custom made.




Art is a special thing to me and bringing the name of the Father into our homes through Art forms I take seriously. If you would like custom pieces please contact me and we could go over prices. Base Price for All paintings $50 + depending on size. Shipping rates are a bit more expensive depending on Canvas size however willing to work to get you the best fair price. Contact me and we could work it out! 🙂


Numbers 15

38 Speak to the children of Yisra’ĕl, and you shall say to them to make tzitzit on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and to put a blue cord in the tzitzit of the corners.

39 And it shall be to you for a tzitzit, and you shall see it, and shall remember all the commands of יהוה and shall do them, and not search after your own heart and your own eyes after which you went whoring,

40 so that you remember, and shall do all My commands, and be set-apart unto your Elohim.


Tassels / Tzit Tzit





Tassels made from 100% Cotton. Made with loops at the end which can be attached and come with metal clips. Standard Size from top of to end 8-10″. When Ordering Below just place Set#

  • Each Set = $12 + plus shipping.
  • Can be custom made to your desire. When Ordering You Ca
    • 1. Gold and White Set
    • 2. Gold, White, Purple Set
    • 3. Gold, White, Blue Set
    • 4. RGB Set
    • 5. Green, Gold, White Set
    • 6. Blue and White Set
    • 7. Black and Blue Set
    • 8. Black, and Purple Set


Mitre / HeadWraps




  • Handmade 100% Cotton
  • Size may vary slightly .5-1″ as all products are all handmade when ordered.


  • Gold Trim White Mitre with blue border
    • Standard Size : 4 X 72 ” = $30.00
    • XLSize : 4 X 144″ = $55


  • Basic Black or White Mitre
    • Standard Size : 4 X 72 = $25.00
    • XLSize : 4 X 144 = $45.00

Home Decor




Decor Pillow Sets

All Pillows are hand stuffed and sealed with supper soft fillings. Advised to be used as Decor may not be suitable to sleep. Each comes in pairs! + Shipping

  • Regular: $20.00 Set
  • YHUH Name Set : $25.00



Order process ad Production After payment is received:

  • Complete the Form below.
    • I will confirm final payment amount.
    • Will send invoice to email
  • 4-5 Days processing time from time of payment.
  • Shipping Cost:
    • Buying Tassels only: $4.00
    • Standard: $7.60 – Priority Shipping 2-3 Days
  • No Refund at this time.










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