Bring Back Our Culture

Bringing Back Our Culture Documentary


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The Truth about YHUH Truth

Many times we go through this walk alone, hard to explain to others this new change, unable to point them into a direction that is filled with an Healthy truthful explanation of what the Truth may be. This documentary in the works is aimed to capture the lives of those, learning, walking and living their daily lives within the Hebraic Community,

Want to get involved?

Want to help be part of showing others The Truth about the Truth? Currently there are 3 options.

  • COMPLETE BELOW SURVEY: Without your participation, without your experiences, without your Words this project of mines can not be completed. It is about sharing Our lives, the beauty behind striving to live our lives righteously according to YHUH words.  (If You have already completed the survey thank you for the contribution! We haven’t  forgotten you! and will surely share your truth!)


  • PASS THE WORD ALONG!: By simply telling others to complete the survey! to take a look at this page for resources pertaining EVERYONES business your doing your part! that’s greatly appreciated. You can even copy and paste this link to Your social media links and get the ball rolling!


    • DONATE: I am currently working to get another Camera to be able to photograph and video-graph interviews along with production development of this documentary.



    Goal for the Documentary

    I would love to be able to capture the lives of the Hebrews of today’s culture, living and learning. The goal is to be able to provide another resource, tool for our current and future generations to be able to reference back.


    • Feast Days, Set-Apart Times,
    • Traveling to the Lands
    • One on One Interviews of individuals Life
    • Immersions
    • Meet and Greets
    • Capturing the work we are all collectively doing in the community
    • Historical Artifacts

    This would be a continuous series as we are always growing within this walk.


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    Of you would like to be interviewed, nominate someone or add to the production please let us know we welcome all suggestions for review so we can make it happen!





    The Inspiration for this Documentary

    Shalum! I wanted to share a project that has been on my mind and am currently working on. I had a dream recently, which I’ll share in my dream:

     I am seeing the image of a lot our brother’s and sisters in an interview like setting, each one individually flashes by. As they do I can see that they are saying one word. Throughout they are sharing their experiences in life, showing me their crafts, their understanding, heartaches and joyfulness. As they flash, I can feel their emotions, expressions, at the end I could see them leaving their stories. However, I did throughout the whole dream I could not hear one word.

    As I woke up, I had this strong desire to bring it to life. One of the things that filled my mind, is the fact that we many times during research and seeking looking towards the scriptures, imagine to ourselves how it must have been to live in those days. We search for artifacts, and findings putting the pieces together. I cannot speak on when certain things will occur, but I would love to capture the truth of our daily lives, emotions, set-backs, and triumphing, the truth, of us Today, I cannot promise what will come tomorrow, but would love to be able to leave a visual remnant for future generations, for current generations, for those just stepping into the walk, growing within.