Written Down to Exist

Below you will find I want to say the golden nuggets. A collection of Blogs, ran, written and handled by our own brothers and sisters. Take the time to click and be directed to their blogs. Which share a wealth of information that will surely make you think, learn and relate.




Whole Self Healing

In these times we are accustomed to being dependent on others anytime a illness may come upon us we want to automatically run and seek doctors advice. However, the more we educate ourselves in regards to our own bodily functions the more we can prepare to better handle any disorder on our own by finding preventable measures and in the long run find the source and attempt to reduce or cure it. This blog not only teaches us the how and why of certain disorders but even provides at home natural remedies to alleviate these symptoms, consultations, and more!


Let me just say this for starters! I absolutely love love love her blog post. Gracefully takes us into the life of an an Isha/woman/wife. Helping us getting in touch with our inner self – meaning self examination. Her words will definitely get you to ponder, relate, and help us re-examine and take us into the life and perspective of a S-Hebrew woman.



Truth Over Tradition

Amazing blog featuring first hand experience on how life can be in the Walk to YAHUAH. Conveying the truth and beauty that comes with following the Truth Over Tradition.





Turn & Live

Beautiful blog by our sister RaYahu who touches on day to day living and the truth on how it can be living as one who serves Yahuah. Read some of the same questions you may have for yourself during the beginning stages and reaffirmation you may receive at the later ones to motivate you to turn and live the walk of Yahuah.


This could be a spot for YOUR Blog

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