Black Matter

I am Tired.

They pluck the plumes, and expect us to fly.

 Our blood cries from the ground,

and they wonder why we’re ready to fight.

We know that you know that we know,

but for her sake, and his sake we continue to go.

You see, because from their mistake’s,

we have paid but we continue to grow.

I can tell when it hurts we reach for the perch,

but by nature we’re higher so we hang by the wire.

Keep your head up, they want to be you,

a chosen nation they know that it’s true.

Darkness came first, and then there was order.

You go through black matter to get to the creator,

if you don’t believe me look towards your mother.

Tell me where in the world,

Have you ever seen white Dirt.

I know its cliche’

But the Truth always Hurts.


AtarahYahu Shalum.



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