Isaiah 55:6 “Seek יהוה while He is to be found, call on Him while He is near.”

I must remain patient in my search for Shalum and understanding of Yahuah ALahym.




Be patient with myself with the things that I am learning. I’ve come to realize that many people are frowned upon when they do not fully understand. Even mocked. Some forget that we all at one point or another come from a state of unknown . Some use it to their advantage for self, some realize the advantage of sharing the wealth. My view, is to always seek, whether you know now, later, always seek don’t get too comfortable in a bed of lies.


Proverbs 8:17 “I love those who love me, And those who earnestly seek me do find me.”


I’ve witness many, myself included, being dragged into the abyss in having to keep up with the pressure of being fed and sharing a wealth of information, that I myself may not have known, or better yet fully understood at the time. Many of us, whether it be by excitement, ignorance, for recognition, or just by wanting to be accepted we’ll go with the current in a lot of things. Attempting to run, when we are really just needing to crawl. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are blinded to what is around you. As for me, I view it as thoroughly wanting to understand what I am learning. Remember: Just because you don’t speak on it, doesn’t mean you don’t know. Be Patient. Stay Humble. Keep Learning.



With that being said. Many times I’ve stumbled in my steps trying to get things right. The application of it I mean. For instance, in the beginning I would try really hard to keep the Shabbat Day. It was nearly impossible for me, I would beat myself up over how I HAD to work both Fridays and Saturday. I would not rest the soles of my feet, although I would try. I would beat myself up over how sometime’s I couldn’t make sense of it all. -If the book is about us – why would – The sun is setting  – I’m still at work – I transgressed. It became, would be, still can be, a bit overwhelming. But I’m reminded to be patient, and keep trying. This is not just My lifetime of mis-education, this is Generations of it, that has lead us to the state in which we find ourselves/myself today. However, we continue to grow from that which we learn.

Just think about it momentarily, lied to, stripped of heritage, planted on soils unknown, battered, neglected, abused, trained, maintained in a strangers garden, then released within the fence, with the belief that things changed, years of separation, molded by nations unknown….Then the Truth shine’s through. With years of systematic stone’s set, to keep you oppressed. Now break through..


Be Patient and true to yourself though, if you aren’t doing what’s right, you know it and  in the end you are only fooling yourself by remaining there. I can honestly say that, at first I would be forgetful, and not try as hard. Through prayers, but with actions, self disciplined, and self awareness I moved stones. I was, am able to keep the Shabbat day’s work changed. I am more prepared and understand the feast day’s better. I have become more humbled. I truly know that the efforts through my action’s is what helped. One of the thing’s I have learned is to be self aware of my surrounding’s and actions. Continuously, watching the steps that I take. Why? Because we only have control over our own actions, and can only influence a situation. I know, that if I continue to study when I can, I will eventually continue to learn. I know, that if I don’t put myself in an unwanted situation, I wont reap the unwanted consequences. All throughout scripture’s we see, how we are instructed to guard the Torah. Keep it within our line of sight, impressing it within our heart’s, listen, obey and do. In English terms if we are to guard something we are to protect it. Apparently that mean’s there is something, coming against it. I am still reminded to remain patient with myself because at time’s I know it is not easy. I have had several people believe that many of us got everything down packed, only by what you may see from the outside looking in. I share this, with the wandering soul who even reads this far, to let you know that you are not alone. Do not give up, continue to seek, even if you don’t know what you’re seeking yet. Many turn away from the scriptures because of lack of understanding, or become weary by trying to keep up and not fully taking in the time, to understand this is a lifestyle not a burden. Take you’re time, and when you learn and understand apply it, do not get discouraged if we fall, get back up and seek harder, admit and correct the error, see the benefits within it, and better the way, My Ways…..Until it became second nature.


Proverbs 24:16 “For seven times a righteous man falls and rises, But the wrong one stumbles into evil.”





2 Timothy 2:15Do your utmost to present yourself approved to Elohim, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of Truth.”


Take Away: Remain Patient, through all the obstacles of life. In your journey, everything takes time to refine. Think how long righteous Yahuah has been waiting on us.




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