My Journey… Imprinted by Truth.

cropped-2016-04-12-11-38-491.jpgWhere to begin?

My Journey being Imprinted by the Truth. I’ve always been a spiritual person for as long as I can remember having a pretty, inconsistent childhood leaves the mind to wonder, and searching for something better.

March 10th 2009: One of my favorite uncles was one of the 1o murdered victims, slain in cold blood through the Alabama rampage down in Samson, AL.

March 16th, 2009: Crowded southern church that spilled out into the street. The preacher who turned to be one of our family members as well, giving a beautiful ceremonial speech. Not about the remembrance of death but of life. Then he said “He is looking down from heaven watching over us.” Hello Epiphany! I found myself asking, how? I haven’t read all the scriptures at that moment but I knew the “going to heaven” part hadn’t came yet. Right? As heartless as it may sound, but truth started to out weight the lies. Sure we all say to ourselves when someone pass, “they’re in heaven” but to think contrary to that, doesn’t mean you necessarily think they’re in hell. Just comes with the understanding that they are resting. I know it’s a feel good message to help heal the pain, but being lied to I feel just deepens the wound. This thought rested with me, till present day.

Fast forward 3 years later…

January 1st, 2012: Getting baptized in the “Holy name of Jesus Christ”.

February 1st 2012: Denounce my religious beliefs…… I just accepted the fact that I knew this was not correct. You see, there’s a difference between knowing, and accepting.  I always used to question myself, why I just could not quiet fit in into the whole “church” environment. How come  I never got the Holy Ghost. Why is it that I would still get the side eye from holier than thou individuals?… This is where my search began for the Truth. I knew there was more to who we are, and purpose, then what a preacher used to say every Sunday.

Like many others, I found myself on YouTube listening to all different types of lectures, and videos of what “The Truth” is. I began to study the connections between different religions and ideologies. Reading many different books. I wound up running into some of these “Hebrew-Israelite camps”. Whom although knew a bit, there message was filled with doctrines and hatred that did not truly represent the entirety of the scriptures that I knew. Disheartened by seeing that even among those who had understanding there was still division and lies mixed within. I quickly learned the art of discernment, and having patience with myself, and others.


Present Day: Today, as I write this. I always like to ask people “Who are You”

Who am I? I like to think, I am a SHebrew, a woman who believes in the all of the words within the whole Bible, in it’s proper Hebrew context. Love to share what I know, and sincere in  building, so don’t be afraid to ask! (However, I will not get into argumentative discussions). Striving to be a better person, and return to Our original culture. I am continuously learning…. and for the sake of not writing a novel on this One post lol just wanted to give I guess a starting point…. I’ll share what I’ve learned, experienced, and understand within time…


Thank You, If you made it this far.



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